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One Political Party CLAIMS to want to Leave-The-EU & So ......

One Political Party CLAIMS to want to Leave-The-EU & So ......
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THE AIM is to consider the difficulties of leaving The EU and seek solutions so that we may maximise THE BENEFITS of a Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation Trading with all they choose around the world at liberty with minimal Government control and intervention.
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One Political Party CLAIMS to want to Leave-The-EU & So over the years I have set out to assist, support, goad and cajole them to try to persuade or otherwise induce them to produce a viable 'Exit & Survival Strategy' yet a fairly diligent search of UKIP's web site made recently shows absolutely no sign that they have made any serious effort to show they have even understood the need let alone done anything to devise such a policy.

A search of UKIP's web site shows no signs of even effort to show how they would avoid the risks and maximise on the benefits of Leaving-The-EU - There is a perception amongst the public that these United Kingdoms can not function outside of The EU and UKIP has done next best to nothing to solve this.

Reading UKIP's web site one is forced to ask just what are UKIP doing as it is clear that they are unfit for purpose if tyhey are truelly seeking to Lead these United Kingdoms to Leave-The-EU read UKIP's web site for yourself.

The most likely place to find a formulated policy to provide 'The Exit & Survival Strategy' would seem to be in their election manifestos which can be found at CLICK HERE you will find over 100 links to Manifesto articles but no sign of an 'Exit & Survival Strategy' - I would be VERY happy to be shown any meaningful sign that UKIP has made any realistic professional effort to provide an 'Exit & Survival Strategy' 

My next effort was to study CLICK HERE - AGAIN absolutely no sign of any POLICY that showed even a vague inkling of an 'Exit & Survival Strategy'

Entering the phrase 'Exit & Survival Strategy' on UKIP web site does to be fair return just over 50 links - most of which I have read (I may have missed a couple in utter boredom at the tedium of the 'guff & spin'!)all that this showed was that UKIP hasn't a clue and is completely unfit for the duty they have been charged with!

UKIP claims to be opposing membership of The EU but there seems to be a great deal of evidence that they are not only failing but not even making any effort - as shown by their lack of any viable 'Exit & Survival Strategy'and not just no sign of efforts to devise one - no pamphlets - no discussion papers - no vision and seemingly no effort.

Adding to this apparent indifference is the determination of UKIP leadership and its parasites and sycophants to try to defame and vilify those seeking to actually oppose The EU, often in the most cowardly manner with lies and smears by sock puppets hidden behind anonymity and silly names!

Compounding this appearance is the fact that UKIP is the member of an extremist, racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual, sectarian faction who praise and practice violence for their political ambitions which include advocacy of membership of The EU AND many of whom actively worked to steer The EU Constitution aka The Lisbon Treaty into being particularly through the Italian parliament!

That the EU colleagues of UKIP in The EFD have no interest in Leaving-The-EU and make no effort to provide an 'Exit & Survival Strategy' shows how unfit for purpose UKIP currently are and have been over many years.

As I have always stated very clearly and consistently I am a supporter of the stated principles of the grass root members of UKIP it is the corruption, self interest and crass unprofessional incompetence of their leadership clique and its claque and its all too frequent criminality and moral laxity which I seek to address.

It is perfectly reasonable for UKIP to claim that I am unfairly singling them out as all other parties have corrupt members and have provided no 'Exit & Survival Strategy' how very true but how very wrong!

I have singled out UKIP as it was UKIP who let ME down - The Labour Party I expected to be vile, the Tories I knew had lost their way and were acting out of the personal interests of their politicians and I contend they lost their way most clearly during Margaret Thatcher's last term as leader and with regard to The EU I would contend they have been consistently WRONG and corrupt.

I have never had ANY respect for The Lib.Dims. nor their for-runners the SDP and Liberals. I have consistently over a lifetime opposed racism and actively campaigned for the decriminalisation of homosexuality and thus have without exception opposed The National Front, The BNP and extremist aspects of people's idiotic superstitions be they the extremist evangelical so called Christians or the arcane Muslim extremists.

I knew where I stood with ALL these groupings and was thus not a supporter and was thus not betrayed.

UKIP made many promises and I foolishly believed them and thus it was they who betrayed me and many friends I persuaded to support them.

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